A Documentary Film


WHEN I STUTTER will be screening 30 times worldwide over the next two months.  The film will be playing in the United States, England, Germany, Israel, Argentina, Peru, Paraguay, and Brazil!

 WHEN I STUTTER will be presented across 14 different theaters at CINEFLIX Cinemas in Brazil on International Stuttering Awareness Day.


is available on the streaming platform Vimeo

& on Blu-ray Disc and Standard DVD.

“An amazingly truthful and   heartfelt depiction of stuttering…"                                                                                                                       -Barry Guitar Ph.D. CCC-SLP

"Definitely the best portrayal of the stuttering experience!  A must-see for people who stutter, and those who love them!  Masterful!"
                                                                                                    - Tom R. Scharstein (Board of Directors NSA)  

"This is a game changer.  This film has opened up a new dialogue about stuttering and respecting those who do."                                                                                 - Tim Mackesey CCC-SLP BCS-F 

“WHEN I STUTTER captures the essence of the personal experience, the impacts of the journey, and the human necessity to share one’s soul.” 
                                                                                                                - Kristin Chmela M.A. CCC-SLP BCS-F



The following is a review from the Cleveland International Film Festival:


"There are a lot of misconceptions about stuttering.  Some might surmise people do it because they’re anxious.  Or they might think it’s due to emotional trauma or mental illness.  Others may sadly assume stutterers have low intelligence.  As you’ll see in WHEN I STUTTER, these assumptions are all false.  But the stereotypes have led a number of people to stay silent.  Stigmatized by society, they’re afraid to use their voices.  Social interactions can be awkward for anyone.  But imagine how difficult they would be if you were constantly scrutinizing every word that comes out of your mouth.  The fear can jeopardize romantic encounters, compromise job opportunities, and disrupt even the simplest daily interactions—just ordering a cup of coffee can be challenging.  Director John Gomez does a terrific job investigating the science behind stuttering, but it’s the intimate moments with the afflicted that are most impactful.  Their inspiring stories put a human face on an often misunderstood disorder.  With help from speech pathologists and a shift in society’s preconceived notions about stuttering, these brave individuals can finally be heard."                         

                          — E.F.

A Unique Educational Experience

WHEN I STUTTER was created to convey the profound psychological impact that stuttering can have on an individual’s life.  Educators endeavor to bring engaging material to their students.  We impart the history of stuttering, statistics and other clinical information.  However, how do we teach the humanity that exists within stuttering?  One of the most poignant and powerful ways is to witness how it has affected individuals firsthand.   

WHEN I STUTTER is not only a film, it is also a proven educational tool and transformative experience.  It is a powerful educational experience for anyone who wants to learn more about stuttering or renew their understanding of it.  

"It was an AMAZING documentary that did a great job of capturing what it’s like when I and people like me stutter."                                                        

                                        - Derek Mitchell (NSA Chapter leader)

"After seeing WHEN I STUTTER, I am confident my students are not only better equipped to treat stuttering, but more importantly, the person who stutters."

                                                                  - David Evans Ph.D. CCC-SLP 

                            Western Washington University 

"I believe this film should be required viewing in any class about stuttering, disability, and by anyone who has a family member who stutters.  Truly a masterpiece!"

                                     - Rod Gable Ph.D. CCC-SLP 

"When I Stutter" allows viewers to experience the emotional, challenging, and triumphant journey that is stuttering.  And, reminds us all of the power of human connection and the universal desire to be heard, listened to, and understood.  A MUST see for all!"    

                                         - Jaime Michise CCC-SLP

"John Gomez's film is the rare kind of movie that has the potential to really make a difference in the lives of its audience, whether they be people who stutter, family members, speech-language pathologists, or the general public."      

                                - Megann McGill P.h.D. CCC-SLP

"WHEN I STUTTER is an INVALUABLE tool for introducing graduate students in Communicative Sciences and Disorders to the individual's experience of stuttering."         

                                             Eric Jackson Ph.D.                                                                                                     New York University




Stuttering is a Speech Disorder in which the flow of speech is disrupted by repetitions, blocks, and prolongation of sounds.  A person who stutters can also have secondary behaviors which can manifest in a variety of ways throughout the body (e.g., stomping the foot, jaw trembling, jerking the neck).  Perhaps, the most important element of stuttering is the emotional and psychological impact that it can have on one's life.  These effects can be significant.  Stuttering affects about 1% of the population worldwide (approximately 70 million people).


The cause of stuttering is uncertain at this time.  Studies have been conducted and are ongoing, however, there is no definitive explanation for the cause of stuttering that applies to everyone.  Research has told us that there is a genetic component to stuttering.  Therefore, if you stutter, there is a chance that your children may stutter as well. 


While there is no cure for stuttering, there are many approaches and philosophies that can help.  The aspect of ACTIVE LISTENING is an element that should be employed when talking to a person who stutters.  Interrupting a person who stutters or even finishing their sentence is, often times, not helpful and undesired.  Just conveying that you are there to listen is GREATLY appreciated. 


Finding a good speech therapist can also be helpful in one's journey.  There are several to choose from and you should investigate which approach aligns with your communication goals.  To find a speech-language pathologist press HERE.

The role of support groups such as the National Stuttering Association (NSA) can also be extremely beneficial in that they offer people who stutter the chance to share their experiences with other individuals who understand.  The feeling that "you are not alone" becomes evident and can be life-altering.  To find out more about the NSA and other organizations that support people who stutter press HERE