“An amazingly truthful and heartfelt depiction of stuttering…"                                                                                                                                                          - Barry Guitar Ph.D. CCC-SLP

“WHEN I STUTTER captures the essence of the personal experience, the impacts of the journey, and the human necessity to share one’s soul.” 
 - Kristin Chmela M.A. CCC-SLP BCS-F

Definitely the best portrayal of the stuttering experience! A must-see for people who stutter, and those who love them!  Masterful!"                          - Tom R. Scharstein (Board of Directors NSA)  

"John Gomez's film is the rare kind of movie that has the potential to really make a difference in the lives of its audience, whether they be people who stutter, family members, speech-language pathologists, or the general public."                          

                - Megann McGill P.h.D. CCC-SLP

"A journey of thousand miles begins with one step.  I heard this quote many years ago, but it never meant more to me than my journey being a part of WHEN I STUTTER.  I have taken many different steps from the moment John asked me to be in this film, to the moment I wrote this quote.  WHEN I STUTTER has brought me courage, confidence, and moments of joy.  As painful and scary as being open and vulnerable can be, being a part of WHEN I STUTTER taught me that the process of sharing painful moments can inspire moments of growth." 


                                                             - Scott Palasik Ph.D. CCC-SLP

Participant and Co-Writer of WHEN I STUTTER

"A beautiful and thought-provoking work of cinematic art that will help all viewers to better define and redefine stuttering."                 

                              - Erik Raj M.A. CCC-SLP                                                   Host of SLP Trivia Fun

                                                   Professor at Monmouth U.

"When I Stutter" allows viewers to experience the emotional, challenging, and triumphant journey that is stuttering.  And, reminds us all of the power of human connection and the universal desire to be heard, listened to, and understood.  A MUST see for all!"    

                            - Jaime Michise CCC-SLP

"This is a must see film if you have any interest at all in the human condition."                                                                                                                              - Pamela Mertz

                   Host of Make Room for the Stutter

"The movie “When I Stutter” is remarkable in how it manages to effectively portray and explain stuttering.  I was moved to tears by the movie, as the stories people told of their struggle resonated completely with my own experience. Of special significance to me is the fact that people who do not stutter – clinicians, parents of children who stutter, and people not connected to the world of stuttering - have told me how much the movies has helped them to understand stuttering, and to further their understand our experience of stuttering."                                                                                                   

- Hanan Hurwitz

                                                                        Israel Stuttering Association

"Being involved in this project was a pleasure from the start.  The finished product is truly special. The only thing that could possibly improve it would be more footage of me."                        

                                                   -Dale Williams Ph.D.

                                                    Florida Atlantic University

"I was surprised to find out that John Gomez is not a PWS himself.  So honest and real is the portrayal of the stuttering experience and the impact it can have on a person from all walks of life. It takes humility, openness and a willingness to listen to be able to make a documentary that honest, real and respectful.  It was no surprise then, to hear Gomez speak of the importance of listening when interviewed.  Talking to him in person, I realized that he definitely practices what he preaches.  He has listened to our stories and brought them to the white screen for the public to hear our stories. This debut is no fluke, it‘s an amazing film by an amazing person and friend.  I look forward to seeing more from John in the future."    


 - Sigríður Fossberg Thorlacius

                                      Chairwoman of Málbjörg

"When I Stutter is a  beautifully shot, evocative portrait of what it means, and how it feels, to live with a stutter in a world dominated by the fluent and the quick. Perceptive and revealing. I loved this film."                                  

        - Cameron Raynes (Author/Filmmaker)

"WHEN I STUTTER is an INVALUABLE tool for introducing graduate students in Communicative Sciences and Disorders to the individual's experience of stuttering."               


                                        Eric Jackson Ph.D.

                                                 New York University

"I've worked on numerous creative projects, and most of them hold a special place in my heart.  But When I Stutter has always felt uniquely special.  In my role as co-writer and creative consultant, I've watched this film develop into a gem of a documentary, rife with emotional significance. John Gomez has taken the individual stories of the characters and weaved them together into a universal journey of struggle, pain, hope, and ultimately, redemption.  This is a film which can't help but change you, although the insights and thoughts it stirs feel oddly familiar, as if they'd always been nestled inside you, waiting for the right voice."               

                                                            Dennis Fulgoni

                Author and Co-writer of WHEN I STUTTER

"After seeing When I Stutter, I am confident my students are not only better equipped to treat stuttering, but more importantly, the person who stutters."

                                                                                                                          - David Evans Ph.D. CCC-SLP 

                     Western Washington University

"I recommend this film without reservation. A must see whether or not you stutter--and most people know at least someone who does suffer from this condition.  As a PWS myself, I found myself enthralled and left the screening with renewed hope and determination that anything can be overcome with work and courage."

                                                                - Jeff Klayman 


“Finally, a film with a realistic portrayal of stuttering!  When I Stutter does an excellent job at revealing not only the invisible, emotional toil of stuttering, but it also dispels common myths and misconceptions about stuttering which are the causes of the toil in the first place.  You will laugh, cry, and cheer the individuals on as Gomez takes you along the journeys of 19 individuals who stutter from hopelessness to success; illustrating the importance and effectiveness of addressing emotions in speech therapy sessions.  Adopting the philosophy of one of the 19, this film isn’t about fluency, it’s about being able to say what you want, when you want, whether or not you stutter.”

                                                           -Daniele Rossi
                          Host of "Stuttering is Cool" podcast

                                                   Author & Cartoonist

"Un maravilloso y emocionante film que muestra lo oculto de la TARTAMUDEZ para conocerla realmente"               

                        Claudia Moreno Thillois

                               Fonoaudióloga Clínica

"This is an AMAZING documentary.  As a speech pathologist it’s such a honor to hear the stories of those we try to serve.  Thank you, John Gomez, for making this movie and all involved.  PS: take tissues."               


                        Stephanie Lebsack M.S. CCC-SLP

                               Baylor University

"This documentary really takes the perspective of a person who stutters and takes into an account of how we as professionals, citizens, and neighbors should do to better support PWS and bring awareness to others."               

                  John Kim M.A. CCC-SLP


"John Gomez’s gripping documentary on Stuttering brings tears to our eyes, making us realize that we need to be more understanding of those who are challenged daily by stuttering.  His film hits the core of humanity and will stand the test of time."               

                        Jan Hammond, Ed.D.
                                   Professor Emerita
                   State University of New York

"I believe this film should be required viewing in any class about stuttering, disability, and by anyone who has a family member who stutters.  Truly a masterpiece!"

                                          - Rod Gable Ph.D. CCC-SLP 

"John Gomez does an excellent job in presenting the various ways in which PWS experience their stuttering, and the emotions that come along with it.  A sense of honesty and realness is maintained throughout the film, which I believe greatly contributes to its success."                                  

               - Josie Torossian (SLP Student)

"This film is educational, emotional, and engaging.  It somehow merges a series of serious thoughts and informative data into an entertaining narrative that captures the audience from the first scene.  It explains what stuttering is and more importantly, discusses how it might impact someone.  A collection of interviews tell the story of what life can be like for people who g-g-g-g-g-get stuck on words.  Through the journey of the film, the audience becomes deeply attached to the characters, their stories, and overwhelmingly inspired to be a better listener.  

A teen recently told me that his parents 'finally get him!' after seeing the film. 

Adults clients have shared, through sobs, which parts were unbelievably true for them and how they want their spouse, family, friends, etc in their lives to see the film.  

Speech-Language Pathologists have, sometimes for the first time, started appreciating what happens 'behind the scenes' for someone who stutters.

Stuttering is an area rarely talked about.  And that has changed thanks to this film.  Thank you John Gomez for helping share the story of so many to help infinitely more."

                                       -Susie Harder M.A. CCC-SLP

                                                               Central Valley Stuttering Center

"WHEN I STUTTER is a true look at what it’s like to live with an often misunderstood speech difficulty, from the many difficulties to the equally as numerous triumphs.  All the stories are real and there aren’t any actors, just frank discussions with many different people.  And the message of the film isn’t that one has to be “cured” to be happy: on the contrary the real victory lies in learning to co-exist with this impediment and thrive all the while continuing to stutter.  The production values are excellent and serve to make this important film all the more

     -- Catherine Moroney

                                                                 Engineer at Jet Propulsion Laboratories 

"This is a game-changer. This film has opened up a new dialogue about stuttering and respecting those who do."                                                                    - Tim Mackesey CCC-SLP BCS-F 

"It was an AMAZING documentary that did a great job of capturing what it’s like when I and people like me stutter."                                  

           - Derek Mitchell (NSA Chapter leader)