With the continued success of WHEN I STUTTER, additional content from the world of stuttering will appear on this page.  There were so many amazing stories that hit the cutting room floor and I would like to post some of those selections here in the future.  Additionally, I look forward to featuring stories and artistic creations from other individuals related the world of stuttering.  The story will continue!  Please feel free to leave your comments to the right...

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Speech-Language Pathologist and Stuttering Specialist Tim Mackesey of Atlanta Georgia recently hosted 3 awesome screenings of WHEN I STUTTER on November 2nd & 3rd.  He had a fantastic idea for me to record some stories on the road.  Here is his personal connection to the title of the film...

The following is a speech by Vinamra Agrawal where he recounts his thoughts on being a participant in the film WHEN I STUTTER.  Interestingly, Vinamra decided to experiment with voluntary stuttering (e.g., stuttering on purpose) for this speech.  After his speech, he and Speech-Language Pathologist Tim Mackesey engaged in a conversation about Vinamra's experience and the overall the benefits of using voluntary stuttering.

I met Tricia Troester at a screening of WHEN I STUTTER in Atlanta.  She was asked to speak by host and stuttering specialist Tim Mackesey.  In this clip Tricia shares some of her journey with stuttering as well as that of her children.  She also shares an original poem she wrote inspired by the title "When I Stutter".  I am grateful for Tricia's willingness to share her gift of the spoken word as well as her incredible vulnerability.  Below you will find a video of her speech as well as her "When I Stutter" poem...

When I stutter

I see

A small bewildered soul

A life upended

A child not whole

A blithe paradise destroyed

Longing heart that's wishing for

Some vestige of a bygone peace


When I stutter

I recall

Tranquility rudely shattered

Foundations jarred askew

The innocence, delight is lost

Now marred, adrift, alone


A little one that wanders then

To restless slumber tossed

By dreams…

No more carefree

But hastened frantic urgency


For a light, a port

A guiding hand

A mooring voice

A settled smile


When I stutter

I discover

An expectation of fresh hope

Grown weary

Yet rising

Each and every dawn

To try again

And face another day


Despite the odds, the doubts, setbacks

Countless jeers of thoughtless whim

The baleful glance

Pitying remarks

Which serve to show

The broken, shallow, cruel among us

And prove the strength

Forged in studied perseverance


When I stutter

I form a creed

An ever-present mission

A refusal to be bowed - or cowed

By norm and expectation

A will untamed by fettered tongue

Resourceful, proud, and free

Boldly to stand

And lift its head

In triumphant victory


When I stutter

I recognize a trail

Though once scorned by me

And littered with a thousand woes

An illogical circuitry

A course that lifts the veil

A path that opens up to all

A momentary view of love

Of grace, of joy, of peace

A glimpse

Of Divinity.

Derek Mitchell and I have been friends on Facebook for a while now, but I was honored to meet him in person at a recent screening of WHEN I STUTTER in Atlanta.  He is an advocate for people who stutter and a chapter leader for the National Stuttering Association.  In this clip, Derek speaks about what the words "When I Stutter" have meant in his life...  He is a POWERHOUSE of a speaker! 

The following is a fantastic stuttering related TED Talk entitled "Placing Value on Human Imperfection" from Ana Paula G. Mumy, MS, CCC-SLP. In addition to being a strong supporter of WHEN I STUTTER, Ana is a multilingual speech-language pathologist and a clinical assistant professor in the field of speech-language pathology. She has extensive experience working with people with communication disorders. Her specialized interests include stuttering, articulation disorders, early language-literacy, and bilingualism.

Additionally, here is a link to an ASHA blog article from Ana Paula.


I am proud to introduce Taylor Hurst!  He is very talented vocalist that was introduced to me by a friend.  I was so impressed and moved by his song "Speak" that I thought it would be great to share it with you!  Taylor is 27 years old and performs at weddings/various gigs in Southern CA.  He just released his debut EP full of original songs.  He also has a B.A. in Communicative Disorders with an SLPA license and is pursuing a Masters Degree in Educational Counseling. 


Regarding his song "Speak", he has the following to say...


"I want to inspire others to find creative ways for self-expression."
“Speak” focuses on the importance of not remaining silent.
It is my hope to provide insight for those that do not understand.
I wrote “Speak” to make others aware of the challenges that I have experienced.  Singing heals. It erases the blocks and pauses that limit fluency."



Speak is available on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music -

as well as the rest of the songs on my new EP (Released April 2018) 

Joze Piranian describes himself as a comedian, public speaker and a seasoned stutterer!  Below is an inspirational trailer for his YouTube channel.  We are honored that Joze is doing an opening act for WHEN I STUTTER at the Socially Relevant Film Festival on March 16th at 5:15.  You can also get more information and follow him at

There were so many great new learning experiences to be had at the 2017 NSA Conference!  I was fortunate enough to catch this terrific promo for the NSA Manhattan Chapter.  It really sums up all the wonderful benefits that the NSA has to offer...

(Credit to Reindeer 34 Films)

The 2017 NSA Conference brought many thrills and excitement.  One of the highlights was the "WE GOT Talent" competition.  WHEN I STUTTER participant Rachel Love Martinez brought the house down with her experimental performance piece which juxtaposed the restriction she feels when stuttering with the freedom that she feels in dancing!  Rachel ended up winning 2nd place!

I am excited to bring you the first of many new entries to “The Story Continues”!  The following is a video produced by Rachel Martinez who is featured prominently in WHEN I STUTTER.  In this short film, she plays the role of Charlie Chaplin and Krystofer Do plays the role of Michael Jackson.  Rachel has expressed how dancing and engaging in creative endeavors gives her a much needed outlet to express who she is…  Please enjoy this fantastic piece!