The following is a review from the Cleveland International Film Festival:


"There are a lot of misconceptions about stuttering.  Some might surmise people do it because they’re anxious.  Or they might think it’s due to emotional trauma or mental illness.  Others may sadly assume stutterers have low intelligence.  As you’ll see in WHEN I STUTTER, these assumptions are all false.  But the stereotypes have led a number of people to stay silent.  Stigmatized by society, they’re afraid to use their voices.  Social interactions can be awkward for anyone.  But imagine how difficult they would be if you were constantly scrutinizing every word that comes out of your mouth.  The fear can jeopardize romantic encounters, compromise job opportunities, and disrupt even the simplest daily interactions—just ordering a cup of coffee can be challenging.  Director John Gomez does a terrific job investigating the science behind stuttering, but it’s the intimate moments with the afflicted that are most impactful.  Their inspiring stories put a human face on an often misunderstood disorder.  With help from speech pathologists and a shift in society’s preconceived notions about stuttering, these brave individuals can finally be heard."  — E.F.


John Gomez was born and raised in Northern New Mexico.  He attended Colorado College where he earned a degree in Philosophy and American Ethnic Studies.  He graduated from California State Los Angeles University with a Masters degree in Communication Disorders in 2009.  Presently, he works as a Speech Pathologist for the Los Angeles Unified School District.  He is also part time faculty at Cal State LA where he teaches a graduate-level course on stuttering and a course on psycho-social considerations.  In 2017, CSULA honored John with the Lois V. Douglass Distinguished Alumnus Award.  John also moonlights as a filmmaker.  In 2012 he established Keen Eye Productions, LLC.  His first feature film, WHEN I STUTTER had its world premiere at the Cleveland International Film Festival on April, 2nd 2017.  The film recently won the "Supporter of People with Fluency Disorders Award" from the International Fluency Association.  WHEN I STUTTER has been lauded by many organizations and associations for its ability to effectively raise awareness about people who stutter and their challenges in life.  The film has won 7 awards, been an official selection in over 15 film festivals and has screened over 100 times worldwide.  John has also been honored with the Emerging Filmmaker Award from the prestigious Chagrin Documentary Film Festival.